FIFA Development Globe

The FIFA Development Globe showcases FIFA's educational activities work. Based on an elegant geometric abstraction of the world, the globe provides playful access to thousands of events worldwide as well as background information on the FIFA development programs.

In collaboration with Medienfabrik, Studio NAND, Jens Franke

How it works

The FIFA Development Globe visualizes FIFA's development work across the world.

The many programmes and projects undertaken by the FIFA Development Division have been condensed into four main areas: the Financial Assistance Programme, the PERFORMANCE programme, technical support and infrastructure projects. These are placed on a 3D globe as colorful triangle based constructions, and can be filtered by their indvidual program types. The globe itself is based on an elegant geometric construction, generated to reflect country borders as abstracted geometry with an adaptive, recursive subdivision process.

In addition, financial assistance budget spending per country and a timeline of events as well as some background information on the FIFA development programs can be accessed within the application. The goal is not only to understand and compare how differently the member countries spend the resources provides them with, but also which regions in the world require which types of educational and infrastructure activities.

Sophisticated filter elements based on the elastic lists principle allow to filter the globe view to specific types of information and provide detailed information about the current focus point in form of contextual inline charts and figures. In addition, a timeline view allows to understand the temporal distribution of FIFA's development activities over the last five years.