Max Planck Research magazine

Visualizing scientific findings

Max Planck Research society is on the forefront of scientific research, and one of my long-time clients. For their quarterly magazine Max Planck Research, I created a double spread data graphic, explaining cutting edge research for interested audiences.

Thanks to Jane Pong for the support with concept and design and Sarene Chan for the great work on the illustrations!

The graphic highlights an interesting finding, as described in the Nature paper "Diversity of ageing across the tree of life": Not all living beings have the development of mortality (i.e. the probability to die of ageing) over the course of their life. While for humans, it becomes more and more likely to die the older they get, some animals and plants have the opposite curve — they get actually less likely to die, the older they become. The graphic highlights this surprising fact and shows a few of the most characteristic curves.

(click the image for a high res version)